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As a sign of appreciation and respect for some of the most beloved Romanian actors, their careers and their contribution to the creation of artistic Bucharest, Romfilatelia will present the newest postage stamp issue, Stars of Stage and Screen, on Wednesday, December 20th 2017, at Suțu Palace, Bucharest Municipality Museum.

The stamps, each with the face value of Lei 8, illustrate the portraits of actors Maia Morgenstern, Oana Pellea, Luminita Gheorghiu, George Mihaita, Horatiu Malaele and Marcel Iures. The postage stamp issue will be available on Wednesday, December 20th 2017, in Romfilatelia’ own shops network in Bucharest, Bacau, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Timisoara and online on https://romfilatelia.ro/store/.


The famous and beloved actress Maia Morgenstern was born on the first day of May, in 1962. After graduating from the Institute of Theatre and Film, in 1985, in the class of Professor Dem Radulescu, she acted on the stage of the Youth Theatre, in Piatra Neamt.

Her talent and uninterrupted work were rewarded with numerous awards and distinctions, such as: The Best Actress Award at the Emma Festival (London) for the role of Maria in the film The Passion of the Christ, the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival and the Felix Prize of the European Film Academy for the role of Nela in the film The Oak, the UNITER Best Actress Award for Medeea in the Ancient Trilogy, and Lola Blau role from the play Tonight: Lola Blau, The Order of Arts and Letters in the rank of Knight – France, or the Royal Order “Nihil Sine Deo”. The European Parliament in Strasbourg designated her as Actress and Woman of the Year in 2003. In 2017, she received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa Artis, from the West University of Timisoara.


Born on January 29th, 1962, Oana Pellea studied at the Institute of Theatre and Film, from which she graduated in 1984, in Sanda Manu’s class. Between 1984 and 1987, she was an actress of the Piatra Neamt Theatre, and from 1987 to 1999 she played at the Bulandra Theatre.

The Romanian Academy awarded her with Aristizza Romanescu Prize for the theatrical and cinematographic career. His Majesty, King Michael I of Romania, conferred Oana Pellea the Cross of the Royal House of Romania Decoration, on October 25th, 2012. UNITER awarded her twice with the Best Actress Award, and the Romanian Cultural Foundation with the prize for Outstanding International Career. She has also received numerous international awards for the leading role in Stere Gulea’s State of Things, including Best Actress Awards at the Geneva Film Festival, at the San Marino Political Film Festival, and at the “Golden Eagle” International Film Festival from Batumi, Georgia.


One of the most appreciated and award-winning actresses in Romania, Luminita Gheorghiu, was born on September 1st, 1949 and graduated in 1972 from the Institute of Theatre and Film. She made her debut during University years, on the stage of Casandra Studio. Between 1972 and 1975, she played at the “Mihai Eminescu” Theatre in Botosani and the Youth Theatre in Piatra Neamt. From 1975 to 2003 she was an actress of the Bulandra Theatre in Bucharest.

Her rich filmography, with over 35 roles, brought her numerous awards: The Excellency Award (Iasi International Film Festival, 2009, TIFF Festival, 2013), Bucharest Municipality Award of Best Actress for the 2008-2009 Theatrical Season, The Prize of Honour for extraordinary merits brought to Romanian Cinematography (GE-FO-RUM & Filmmuseum Munich, 2013), the Best Actress Award and the Academy Award at the UCIN 2013 Gala for the role from Child’s Pose and I’m an old Commie! Luminita Gheorghiu also received a nomination at the European Film Awards 2013, for her role in Child’s Pose, film that was awarded with the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival.


George Mihaita, born on September 23rd, 1948, is an emblematic actor of the Romanian stage that has become famous in theatre and film through talent, facial expressivity, and also specific voice. Since 2002 he is the director of the Comedy Theatre. He studied The Art of Acting at the Institute of Theatre and Film from Bucharest and graduated in 1971.

The talent and passion for the scene brought him many awards, such as: Best Actor 2010 (the UNITER Gala Award for the role of Ametistov in the play Zoika’s House), Best Actor 2007 (National Comedy Festival, Galati and JoakimInterFest Festival, Kragujevac, Serbia, for the role The Mayor from the play The Government Inspector). As a founder and president of the UNESCO Club Adolescentii he has been involved in this field and has set up the Jos Palaria Theatre Festival for High School Students. In 2002, he was decorated with the National Order for Faithful Service in the rank of Knight, “for the devotion and artistic grace put in the service of the Romanian theatre”.


Born on August 1st, 1952, in Targu-Jiu, graduate from the Institute of Theatre and Film, in 1975 (in Octavian Cotescu’s class), Horatiu Malaele is a reputed Romanian actor, director, cartoonist and writer with a special activity in theatre and film, where he played numerous roles.

Throughout his career, Horatiu Malaele has won numerous awards: the Romanian Humorists’ Association Award for Interpretation (1993) for The Flea, the Prize for Directing at the Romanian Comedy Festival (1994) and the Special Prize of the Jury at the National Festival of Contemporary Theatre (Brasov, 1996), Award for Best Stage Play at the National Comedy Festival for the show Money from Heaven (Galati, 2001). At the 8th edition of the Romanian Comedy Festival “festCO 2010”, Horatiu Malaele received the Best Actor In a Leading Role’ Award for the role of the Professor in the Eugene Ionesco’s Lesson and the Best Director Award for the same spectacle. The actor’s record includes two UNITER Awards: Best Actor in 1992 for the role of Lelio in the play The Liar, played on the stage of the Odeon Theatre and Best Actor in 1998, for the role of K. Mueller in The Revolver, a theatrical production of Nottara Theatre. In 2012, the actor was awarded with the Excellence Award for the Entire Career at the “Comedy Cluj” International Film Festival. In the same year, the beloved actor received a star on the Celebrity Alley in Time Square from Bucharest. He published the book Horatiu about Malaele (2002), which includes texts, photographs, graphics reproductions that reflect the artist’ s life and his creative activities. He is also the author of the volumes A story with Horatiu and Wanderings. As cartoonist and graphic designer, Horatiu Malaele had dozens of national and international exhibitions (in Munich, Paris, Venice, San Francisco, Montevideo etc.), and published thousands of cartoons and drawings.


Marcel Iures, born on August 2nd, 1951, graduated from the Institute of Theatre and Film in Bucharest, in 1978, and was distinguished by talent and stage presence. Between 1978 and 1980 he worked at the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, and after 1980 he performed on the stages of the Bulandra and Odeon Theatres, in Bucharest.

Throughout his career, he has been rewarded with many awards: The Best Actor in Leading Role Award (UNITER Gala Awards in 1999 and 2002), The Excellence Award (UNITER Gala Awards in 2004), The Trophy for the Most Important Personality of the Romanian Theatre (offered by Tofan Foundation for Theatre and Film in 2001), the Flacara Grand Prize (at a Gala organized by the National Theatre Bucharest, in November, 2008). In 1995, Marcel Iures founded the Cultural and Artistic Foundation ACT Theatre, the first independent cultural and artistic institution from Romania, having its own multipurpose hall, designed for theater, music and dance performances, and for film and exhibitions. The hall was opened to public in September, 1998. In 2012, at the ceremony of awarding the Romanian Oscar trophies – for excellence, Marcel Iures was among the personalities with remarkable results in various fields of activity who were awarded such a trophy – a gold-plated metal statuette, a modified version of the famous American Oscar.


The postage stamp issue is completed by a First Day Cover, and as page composition, a sheet of 36 stamps, a minisheet of 4 stamps with illustrated border and a block of 6 stamps.

Romfilatelia thanks all the actors for their assistance in the accomplishment of this postage stamp issue and sends them admiration and gratitude for everything they have achieved in theatre and cinema, as well as for the promotion of Romania’s cultural values world-wide.



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