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Romfilatelia introduces into circulation the postage stamps issue with the title of „Sibiu, European region of gastronomy” on Tuesday, October 1st, current year. The postage stamps issue presents through a graphic composition harmonious imagery of touristic attractions alongside gastronomic elements specific to the Sibiu area.

Transylvania, registered in the Carpathian Arch, an area also called Ardeal, is famous for its magical landscapes and a unique gastronomic culture, evidenced by its exceptionally kept traditions that are kept by a multicultural and multi-ethnic community. Along with other valuable elements present in the allure of historical monuments, traditions have played an important role in shaping Sibiu as a prime tourist destination, food culture being one of the main attractions of the region.

Sibiu joins a gastronomic elite of which only eight other European regions, including Lombardy and Catalonia, belong. Sibiu’s membership in this European elite is due to the well-preserved gastronomic tradition as well as the cultural diversity present in the area. The landscape littered with picturesque villages, wooden and fortified churches, orchards with fruit trees, grain fields, vegetable gardens and vineyards offers a magical aspect to the view. The Transylvanians, renowned for their hospitality have consecrated the region’s fame in the hearts of visitiors from abroad.

The stamp with the face value of Lei 1.40 presents the Carpenter’s Tower (Zinmmermannsturm), raised in the XIVth century, which was erected by the Saxon Carpenter’s Guild of Sibiu. Next to the medieval objective, the postage stamp presents an arrangement of assorted Sibiu cheeses.

Turnul Sfatului (Hermannstädter Ratsturm), part of the fortifications ensemble of the city as a gate through which the transition from the Little Square to the Great Square is illustrated on the postage stamp with the face value of Lei 3.10, accompanied by an arrangement of assorted sausages served in the Sibiu region as cold snack.

The postage stamp with the face value of Lei 5 has as its subject the Evangelical Church of Sibiu (Evangelische Stadtpfarrkirche), completed in 1520 and considered one of the most impressive buildings in the Gothic style erected in Romania next to a portion of traditional food of beans and sausages, served according to the local gastronomic tradition, with raw red onion.

On the postage stamp with the face value of Lei 19 reproduces the Council Square with the Bruckenthal Museum (Bruckenthal Palace), erected between 1778–1788 by the governor of the Grand Principality of Transylvania, Samuel Bruckenthal, along with an assorted platter containing a traditional selection of cold and hot starters, consisting of sausage, dairy and vegetable preparations, specific to the Sibiu area.

The Gastronomy Region Award gives credibility and authority, as it is offered by an independent and international group of IGCAT experts. The region must prove to a group of experts that it has developed enough projects and programs related to gastronomy to deserve the prize. The group of experts is chosen by the IGCAT aims to include specialists from different areas of competence, including agriculture, tourism, hospitality and culture.

The cultural integrity of Transylvanian gastronomy is proof of the local effort to maintain its ancestral order. Traditions have been passed down through word of mouth from generation to generation where they have become the specific feature of the region. This effort to honour their origins and traditions has been observed everywhere in Europe and, therefore, Sibiu has become part of an elite of European gastronomic culture.

The gastronomy of is a harmony of tradition and development, supported by the strong regional integrity of the area. The development of local gastronomy in Sibiu is based on respect for the traditions, products and aromas of the region. Sibiu’s love for the fragrances and tastes of their ancestors allowed them to maintain the inherited cuisine unaltered. Thus, traditional products have been elevated and adapted to be savoured at any occasion to unwind and of joy.

The Sibiu area stands out for its desire to share its gastronomical treasures with the traditional: Enjoy! 

Romfilatelia thanks the Sibiu City Hall for the documentary support granted to the achievement of this postage stamps issue.