Romanian Pottery – Wedding Pots (III)

cele4mariRomfilatelia, the company specialized in issuing and trading Romanian postage stamps, introduces into circulation the postage stamps issue
ROMANIAN CERAMICS (Wedding Pots – III).Among the Romanian traditional ceramics, wedding pots have a special place. Wedding pots illustrate the technical inventiveness and the imagination of potters, characterized by the originality of the forms, proportions, decorations and chromatics.
The simplicity of the form, the richness of the motifs, the even distribution of the drawings and the emphasis, obtained through ornament and colour, of certain portions which, as a whole, form a work of art, is a feature of the Romanian peasant art. The composition seems perfect due to its symmetric, alternating and rhythmic distribution of the ornamental motif, but also of the chromatic motif.
The characteristic ornaments of wedding pots are either geometrical (cross, circle, diamond, spiral), zoomorphic (stork, cock, peacock, eagle, horse, lion, dog, snake), astral (stars), or vegetal (fir tree, haulm with leaves and flowers, life tree, flowers).
The frequently used colours are white, golden yellow, orange, red, blue, green, black.
The pots illustrate features of the peasant creation, such as originality,
continuity, ethnic specificity, functionality and, last but not least, the artistic virtues.
The wedding pots illustrated on the postage stamps of the issue are
representative for the ceramics of the counties of Olt, Satu Mare and Argeº.
The postage stamp having the face value of 30 Bani represents ceramics from Goleºti-Argeº.
The postage stamp having the face value of 70 Bani illustrates ceramics from Româna-Olt.
The postage stamp having the face value of 1.00 Lei illustrates ceramics from Oboga-Olt.
The postage stamp having the face value of 2.20 Lei represents ceramics from Vama-Satu Mare.

These ceramic pots are part of the centenarian collection of the Romanian Peasant Museum.

Date of issue: 10.07.2006
Number of values: 4
Face value: 30 Bani; 70 Bani; 1.00 Lei; 2.20 Lei
Page composition: sheet of 100 pcs., minisheet of 9 stamps
Stamps size: 21 x 27 mm
Minisheet size: 120 x 95 mm
Printing system: offset, in 4 colours, on chromo paper – UK origin
Run printing: 1,681,200 stamps: 1,461,600 stamps in sheets of 100, 219,600 stamps in minisheets of 9 stamps.
1 FDC 550 pcs., equipped with the postage stamps set, numbered and cancelled with „the first day“ post mark of the issue.
Maxicard: 350 sets (4 images)
Listing set: 1729
Listing minisheet: 1729 a

Issue date: 2006-07-11

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