Dear friends of Romfilatelia,

It is my pleasure to welcome you, and invite you to take a short tour, discovering thus the world of stamps.

Romfilatelia, the institution designed to issue Romanian postage stamps has permanently tried to transform and promote the Romanian postage stamp in its quality of genuine ambassador of our country.

Although a small piece of paper of extraordinary importance, the stamp is an efficient instrument of communication both nationally, and internationally, offering a thumbnail view of a country’s cultural, artistic and historical patrimony.

If philately means the collection of postage stamps, it achieves also new values. We are talking about a means of mass communication, education, and especially worldwide promotion. The stamps travel everywhere and together with them, the entire treasure of our country.

Over the years, Romfilatelia’s collaborations helped us penetrate the mysteries of history, art, spirituality, beauty of nature, sport and many other areas, all gathered in a portfolio of impressive philatelic collections.

We have tried to align our campaigns to international philatelic evolution and tendencies, while maintaining our traditional style of creating and communicating through stamps.

The best words to capture and convey our ideas and beliefs have been the Romanian philatelic tradition.

Our landmarks have been the public, the collectors and the subscribers. The topics focused both on classical and general themes – such as national and international events, anniversaries, flora and fauna, birds and animals, sports, health, cities, etc., but also new and exciting subjects of interest, designed and depicted in a special graphic format.

We have been honoured to reproduce the image of Romanian outstanding personalities on various stamps, and it was with great pride that we obtained the right to capture them on the postage mark, thus promoting them both nationally and internationally, through foreign correspondence, and giving them value in collections that will be inherited by future generations.

For more than 17 years, Romfilatelia has invested the stamp with new meanings of elegance, refinement, and artistry, continuing its mission as a committed promoter of national values and great events.

Cristina POPESCU

Director General Romfilatelia