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In memoriam, King Michael I (1921-2017)

By his personal example and political vision, King Michael I was one of the most important part of the tumultuous Romanian transition from totalitarianism to democracy. Crossing the World War II in official posture, after December 1947 he became an exponent of the Romanian exile. King Michael I returned to Romania some years after the fall of the communist regime.

As a sign of deep respect, Romfilatelia will introduce into circulation In memoriam, King Michael I (1921-2017) postage stamp on Wednesday, December 13th. The stamp, with the face value of Lei 8, illustrating the portrait and monogram of King Michael I, will be available in Romfilatelia’ own shops network in Bucharest, Bacau, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Timisoara and online on https://romfilatelia.ro/store/.

            His Majesty King Michael I was one of the most prominent personalities in Romanians’ history, and Romanian stamps featured his portrait over the course of nine decades. He was born on October 25th, 1921, in Sinaia, the son of Carol, crown prince of Romania, and of Helen, Princess of Greece. Michael was proclaimed King by the age of six, on the death of his grandfather, King Ferdinand I “the Unifier”, and after his father’s abdicated his right to the throne. Starting with 1928, the portrait of the young sovereign was featured by different postage stamp issues. The stamps continued to illustrate the portrait of the young King up until his father returned to the country, in June 1930. Carol II conferred his son the title of Grand Voivode of Alba-Iulia, and Michael continued to take part in the country’s public life. Michael activated in the Romanian Scout movement, and his silhouette was illustrated on the special stamps issued on the occasion of the Scout Exhibition in 1931.

            After 1945, different stamps illustrating King Michael’s portraits were launched to encourage Romanians’ postwar reconstruction efforts, or to gather support for the areas in the country affected by famine. On December 30th, 1947, Michael I was forced to abdicate, and to leave his country. His Majesty was a powerful voice of the Romanian exile, and he never ceased to encourage his people, keeping alive the hope that one day Romania would be free from communism. In June 1948, King Michael married Anne, Princess of Bourbon-Parma, and the Royal couple was blessed with five daughters: Margareta (1949), Elena (1951), Irina (1953), Sofia (1957) and Maria (1964).

After his forced abdication, Romanians continued to love their King. Romfilatelia has honored Michael I and the Romanian Monarchy, by releasing several postal stamp issues devoted to the Royal Family of Romania.

In May 2006, a philatelic issue dedicated to the four Kings of Romania was launched to mark 140 years from the foundation of the Romanian Royal dynasty, and also highlighted the restoration of the tradition of depicting Romanian Royalty on postage stamps.

On the occasion of King Michael’s 93rd anniversary, Romafilatelia released in 2014 the philatelic issue entitled The history of Royalty, Michael I.

Another postage stamp issue, Royalty in Romania, put into circulation in January 2015, contains a stamp depicting King Michael I together with Queen Anne.

In October 2016, Romfilatelia launched the stamp issue Engines, a Royal Passion, dedicated to King Michael’s anniversary and to his lifelong passion for horsepower.

Michael I was a dearly-loved King, profoundly respected in Romania and around the world, a symbol of hope and morals, and an illustrious figure in the history of the Romanian Monarchy.

We bid farewell to our beloved King!

The postage stamp issue is completed by a First Day Cover and a maxi-card, and as page composition, a block of 2 postage stamps of the issue for the philatelic album, a sheet of 30 stamps + 2 labels, a minisheet of 7 stamps + 2 labels and a block of 2 postage stamps

The philatelic album is created into a limited edition of 517 pcs. and is equipped with the block of 2 postage stamps of the issue and the First Day Cover having the “first day” postmark clearly imprinted, in black foiling. Each element is numbered in black from 001 to 517.


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