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A century and a half since the foundation of the Romanian Royal Dinasty

150 de ani de la fondarea Dinastiei Romane_150 years since the foundation of the Romanian Dynasty2016 represents an anniversary year for the Romanian Royal Dynasty, thus marking events that have changed the course of Romania’s royal history, specifically one century since Romania’s entry into World War One, 95 years from the birth of His Majesty King Michael I, and also 20 years from the marriage of Her Royal Highness Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown with His Royal Highness Prince Radu of Romania.

They are completed by the anniversary of 150 years since the foundation of the Romanian Royal Dinasty, celebrated by Romfilatelia through a special project of stamps. Illustrating sovereign symbols and the first three generations of the Romanian Royal Family, the postage stamps issue
150 years since the foundation of the Romanian Dynasty can be purchased starting with Tuesday, May 10th, 2016, in Romfilatelia’s stores in Bucharest, Bacau, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Timisoara.

The postage stamp with the face value of lei 4.50 presents a detail of the Collar of the Order of Carol I, founded on 10 May 1906, on the occasion of the 40th jubilee of King Carol I’s reign. The chain of the Collar is composed of alternating medallions, representing the coats of arms of the Old Kingdom (Wallachia, Moldavia, Oltenia and Dobrudja), as well as the quartered shield of the Dynasty. The medallions are linked through the cipher of King Carol I, enameled in red.

Throughout its existence, the Collar was awarded to the greatest personalities who have contributed significantly to the development of modern Romania, among them being Gheorghe G. Cantacuzino, Dimitrie Sturdza, Petre P. Carp, Titu Maiorescu, Ion I. C. Bratianu, Mihail Pherekyde, but also most of the sovereigns who had an essential role in the recognition of Romania’s national sovereignty and its new status as a Kingdom.

On the issue’s second stamp, having the face value of lei 16.00, is found a detail of King Ferdinand I’s Sceptre. Made of gold and embellished with precious stones, the sceptre was created in 1920, through a public subscription, and dedicated to “King Ferdinand I, the King of all Romanians, being given this sceptre by his people as a reward for his diligence and good leadership of the country between 1916 and 1919”. In its upper side the statues of four peasant ladies are reproduced, dressed in national costumes, representing the Old Kingdom, Transylvania, Bessarabia and Bukovina, and on its top there is the head of the cross-bearing eagle.


The stamp of the souvenir sheet, with the face value of lei 8.00, presents the first three generations of the Romanian Royal Family. From left to right, one can distinguish Crown Prince Ferdinand, Princess Elisabeta of Romania (later Queen of Greece), Queen Elisabeta of Romania, Prince Carol, Princess Marie of Romania (later Queen of Yugoslavia), Prince Nicholas of Romania, Princess Marie (later Queen Marie of Romania) and King Carol I.

The photograph reproduced in the souvenir sheet’s stamp, which was taken at the moment when the dynastic crisis (provoked by the death of King Carol I’s only child) had been solved, portrays not only three generations of the Royal Family, with a profound historical impact on Romania, but also through the Royal Princesses, the Romanian Royal Family’s links with Europe’s dynasties. The illustrated border of the souvenir sheet presents the portrait of King Carol I, in uniform and with decorations, as well as the steel Crown of King Carol I, together with the motto of the Royal House: Nihil Sine Deo.

The two stamps and the souvenir sheet are completed by a first day cover, and as page composition were used the sheet of 20 stamps, the minisheet of 5 stamps + 1 label and the block of 2 stamps
(in philatelic album).

The special product of the issue is the philatelic album, created into a limited edition of 245 pcs. and equipped with the block of 2 postage stamps of the issue and the first day cover having the “first day” postmark clearly imprinted in foiling. Both products are numbered from 001 to 245.

Romfilatelia thanks the Royal House of Romania for the documentary support offered in the creation of this postage stamp issue.

* * *

A stamp ennobles the communication by itself; it shares emotions, compresses distances and creates connections; it gathers on its miniature surface “huge” stories about human and material values, including them successfully within the Romanian heritage; A stamp is transformed in time, redefining its role according to the society’s current facts: from an advocate of noble causes and a friend of influential Romanian personalities to a leading messenger of the most important events, or simply, a genuine ambassador of our country and the Romanian people. Do not forget to search for and discover the excitement of a world gathered on the Romanian stamps!


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