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60 Years Since the Foundation of the Army Sports Club STEAUA

steaua_MRomfilatelia, the specialized company in editing and trading Romanian postage stamps, introduces into circulation the philatelic issue 60 years since the foundation of the Army Sports Club Steaua. Romfilatelia, the specialized company in editing and trading Romanian postage stamps, introduces into circulation the philatelic issue 60 years since the foundation of the Army Sports Club Steaua.
In 1947, at the begining of the summer, particulary on June 7th, “AS Armata” was founded, the Romanian army sports club, which reunited only seven sports sections: tennis, fencing, volleyball, boxing, athletics, gunnery and football.
Precisely in the year of its foundation, the AS Armata club had already obtained the first national champion´s title with the tennis player Gheorghe Viziru.
In 1950 the name of the club is changed into CCA (Central Army House), and in 1961 the name under which the Army Sports Club would be known was Steaua.
The club´s resounding successes determined its position as one of the most famous sports club in Romania, supported by the impressive prize list for various sports disciplines.
Famous names of Romanian sports players from the Steaua Club of which Iolanda Balas-Söter, Viorica Viscopoleanu, Iosif Sarbu, Ion Corneliu, Ilie Nastase, Nicu Vlad, Petre Becheru, Cristian Gatu, Cornel Otelea, Vasile Stanga, Stefan Birtalan, Sorin Babii, Laura Badea, Silvia Stroescu, Alexandra Eremia, Camelia Potec, have brought  renown and praise to the Romanian name across the world arenas.
The great fame was also registered by the club´s teams, among which the
handball team – multiple winner of the European Champions Cup and of the football team – winner of the European Champions Cup in the magical night called
“Sevilla ´86”, whose exceptional results connected millions of TV audiences across the continent to the Steaua phenomenon.
Here is the prize list of ASC Steaua, after 60 years of existence:
Summer Olympic Games – 86 medals (26 gold, 31 silver, 29 bronze)
World Championships – 462 medals (130 gold, 170 silver, 162 bronze)
European Championships – 606 medals (168 gold, 217 silver, 221 bronze)
University Championships and World University Championships – 131 medals (56 gold, 32 silver, 43 bronze)
World Cups/National team and Club Teams – 88 medals (32 gold, 28 silver, 28 bronze)
European Cups/National team – 50 medals (16 gold, 18 silver, 16 bronze)
European Cups/Club Teams – 81 medals (18 gold, 22 silver, 41 bronze)
CISM World Games and Championships – 146 medals (39 gold, 56 silver, 51 bronze)
Military Sparthacus Games – 160 medals (35 gold, 48 silver, 77 bronze)
Balcanic Games – 2,558 medals (1158 gold, 868 silver, 532 bronze)
International Records – 13 Olympic records, 49 World records, 64 European records, 6 World University records.
National Champions Titles – 8,670 (5894 for seniors, 612 for youngsters, 2,164 for juniors)
Romanian Cup Winners titles – 560 (527 for seniors, 14 for youngsters, 19 for juniors).

We would like to thank the Sports Club Steaua for the support granted for the performance of this philatelic issue.

Issue date: 2007-06-07

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