Issuing plan

  • Romania’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union
  • Romania, a European Treasure
  • Union of the Romanian Principalities, 160 Years
  • Wild Cubs
  • Nudes in Romanian Painting
  • Romanian Dog Breeds
  • Cecilia Cutescu-Storck, 140 Years Since Her Birth
  • The Holy Easter
  • Romanian Collections
  • The Constitution, Guarantor of the Romanian Citizens
  • Europa 2019. National Birds
  • Grampet Group - proven leader in the European railway industry for the past 20 years
  • Protected Fauna in Romania
  • Alexandru Romalo, 200th anniversary since his birth
  • Welcome to Romania!I
  • Peafowls
  • Joint Stamp Issue Romania – Vatican. Apostolic Visit of Pope Francis to Romania
  • Martyr bishops in the order of Saints
  • Melliferous Flowers
  • Politehnica Bucharest, 200 years of education and inovation
  • International Danube Day
  • The End of the World War I
  • 50th Anniversary of Man’s First Step on the Moon
  • Romanian Postage Stamp Day. Seals of the Romanian Rulers
  • Simona Halep, the Romanian tennis ambassador
  • Flora. Heritage of Romania
  • Exotic Birds
  • The Mountain’s Flowers, Mount Cozia
  • The Romanian Lottery. 113 years with luck
  • Philatelic Expo EFIRO 2019
  • Magellan, 500th Anniversary of the Beginning of the Voyage Around the World
  • Sibiu, European Region of Gastronomy
  • Romanin rulers in painting
  • Joint stamp issue Romania-Malta. Architecture, Palaces
  • 100 years of Romanian Higher Education in Cluj-Napoca
  • Joint Stamp Issue Romania-Gibraltar. Natural Reserves
  • Christmas
  • Animals’ Emotions
  • Excellency in Law. 160 years of Romanian Law Education
  • The Uniforms of the Romanian Royalty
  • Design 50
  • Joint Stamp Issue Romania-Malaysia. Endemic flowers