The special product, created into limited printing of 387 pieces, reunites in a joint topic, products belonging to philately and numismatics. In the interior of the album there are exposed two valuable collection pieces: the block of two imperforated stamps and the medal on the obverse in the front, the image of the Golden Eagle. Its reverse features, in the foreground, the Heroes’ Cross, designed and erected under the supervision of King Ferdinand and Queen Marie between 1926 and 1928 and dedicated, as it is written on the commemorative plaque, “to the glory and memory of heroes from Prahova who fell in the First World War, 1916-1918, to defend their country”.
The album also includes a reproduction of an artistic engraving (2002), author Ion Octavian PENDA. The certificate of authenticity presents the characteristics of the medal. The block of the issue is numbered from 001 to 387.