annual collections 2005
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Romanian Contemporary Artists

Romfilatelia is releasing into the postal network the stamps issue Romanian Contemporary Artists. The image of older and newer Romanian art is not strictly what we have learned, read or heard. Issue date: 2005-12-12

Christmas 2005

Dear Stamp Lover, these small works of art have taken us through another year, and it is time for winter to reign throughout the country again. We are getting closer to Christmas time and New Year and, such as it is natural, the time came when we have to draw the line and strike the balance of the year. Issue date: 2005-12-02

Romanian Pottery III

Romfilatelia releases a series of definitive stamps representing Romanian pots. The art of pottery is one of the oldest in the world. Issue date: 2005-11-24

UNESCO 60 years

November 16, 2005 is famous 60 years since the signing of the Constitution of the United Nations for Education, Science and Culture – UNESCO. R this occasion Romfilatelia   Issue date: 2005-11-21

Pigeon Breeding

Romfilatelia is releasing a new philatelic issue called Pigeon Breeding, to the joy of the pigeon breeders and of the philatelists who are fond of this subject. Issue date: 2005-11-18

UN Events

This minister of a small country is making great politics. What an amazing man! In the domain of external politics, he is a traveler on a fragile boat that he manages to drive as if it was a large Issue date: 2005-10-24